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self-determined & independent

I'm looking for backup and address myself to freedom-loving and self-determined personalities who want to have their own personal success independently! 

Business partners wanted!

Again and again I get to know people who are not aware of the potential that lies dormant in them. My job is to ignite the fire in you and use my experience to put you on the road to success. Mentor, Coach & Motivator. That best describes this job.


I firmly believe that every Swiss person should benefit from independent financial planning. Through our expansion plan and the acquisition of new talent, I have the opportunity to reach as many people as possible and to bring this into an exciting company.


  • If you like to work independently, self-determined and self-motivated,

  • You like to be in contact with people and know how to advise them of the highest quality,

  • You want to benefit from a highly professional infrastructure and a professional image


Then get in touch with me now and let's discuss this unique opportunity together in an uncomplicated and spontaneous way. I am at the number for you at any time079 377 14 79 to reach! Or email

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